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On the ever changing landscape of the shopping centers at Stratford Hills, Planet Wings has disappeared and Asian Galaxy has taken its place. Don’t let the commercial exterior fool you. Inside you will find dark wood paneling and a more upscale Asian décor than you might expect. Asian Galaxy is not your run of the mill take out joint.

Asian Galaxy offers Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine, so there are lots of choices. And of course you’ll find sushi, teriyaki, tempura along with friendly service and cocktails. But I wonder if that wide a range of cuisine is too ambitious. I’ll explain in a minute.

We went on a Sunday afternoon. Actually it was late Sunday morning because we showed up before they were actually open. Monday through Saturday they open at 11:00 a.m. On Sunday, they open at 11:30. But we were happy to wait an extra ten minutes.

Once inside we were happy about the wait, the dining space is warm and inviting. It’s almost enough to make you forget that you’re dining at the intersection of Forest Hill and the Powhite.

With our adventurous middle school son, there’s always a challenge of talking him down from the most expensive sushi on the menu. An extensive menu like the one at Asian Galaxy makes it even more of an event. Eventually we settling on splitting a simple California roll ($4.25). The son may be adventurous, but Mom and Dad really aren’t.

The sushi was delightful and tasty. But the most amazing part was the beautiful presentation.

For our entrees we also played it somewhat save since it was our first experience here. The son ordered the General Tso’s Chicken ($7.95) and had no trouble cleaning his plate. My wife went over to the Japanese menu and had the Teriyaki Chicken ($12.95). She was equally pleased.

I opted to try something a little different and ordered the Pineapple Chicken ($10.95). Unfortunately, this is the part where there might just be too many choices on the menu. My hearing isn’t the best and apparently it’s not any better than the waitresses English. I thought it rude to point, so when she repeated my order I nodded politely.

I should have pointed. When the order came, she brought me the Pad Thai chicken. It was an honest mistake. Some days I would have just said that’s okay, but I had my taste buds set for the pineapple. So the waitress graciously took the Pad Thai back and about fifteen minutes later brought me the original order.

All in all we were delighted with our experience and plan to try it again soon. Maybe next time, we’ll be a little more daring in our menu choices.

Asian Galaxy offers their full menu online. You can browse and work up an appetite, or you can order take out. Check them out today.

Asian Galaxy
7048 Forest Hill Ave
Richmond, VA 23225

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